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The International Library "La Vigna" is an Institute of documentation specialized in agricultural and rural world culture studies.
In 1961 Demetrio Zaccaria starts to collect books for his private library, now become the International Library “La Vigna”.
The collection is made of 50.000 works, and it’s constantly updated with new purchases, both of ancient and modern volumes.
The most part of ancient books belongs to the Zaccaria Collection, which is named after its founder. Zaccaria’s private collection reflects his interests: gastronomy, viticulture and enology are the main themes, even though all the correlated subjects are not to be omitted, such as agrarian technique, agricultural history, politics and economy, farmers’ customs and traditions, dithyrambic literature and poetry and rural architecture. Many other works deal with the potatoes and olives cultivation, the bees breeding and the oil and honey production.
In the Library collections one can place the most important editions of gastronomic subject published in Italy between the XVI and XIX century. Among these works we can cite Platina’s “De honesta voluptate” (1530), which is considerated the first treatise of modern gastronomy, but only Bartolomeo Scappi’s “Opera di… cuoco segreto…” (also published in the XVI century) managed to impose the figure of the professional itinerant cook.
Wine and enology branch plays anyway the lord and master in the shelves of Zaccaria’s library. Among the most important works about these topics, the Library counts some editions of “De naturalis vinorum historia” (1596) by the Roman doctor Andrea Bacci, a close examination of the most famous Italian wines of the XVI century, which lists 600 wine typologies describing their qualities, defects, characteristics and virtues.
One should not forget to cite “De salubri potu dissertatio” (1622), in which the doctor Fabriano Francesco Scacchi writes for the first time about sparkling wine: this work is a strong disapproval of sparkling wines thanks to which the historians got a precious testimony on the preparation and consumption of these wines in Italy during the Renaissance.
The library buys all the books dealing with agriculture published in Italian language, while for the books specifically dealing with wine and enology also the International Market is taken under consideration, with particular attention for French, English, Spanish and German language books.
“La Vigna”’s book patrimony consists not only in books published in the last years, but also in print editions since XV century; the rich collection of books about enology from XV to XVIII century is very precious.
All the most important national and international magazines of agriculture and enology are available.
In 1999 “La Vigna” acquired Caproni family’s private library, rich of books about the agrarian politics and the land reclamations during the fascist period.
Moreover the library preserves other important collections called IRA, Fagiani and Galla Collections, which are described in their specific sections.

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