The Founder

Demetrio Zaccaria
(06/04/1912 - 27/11/1993)

Flying pilot and voluntary in Africa during the war in Abissinia, after the imprisonment in Kenia, he become a brilliant and strong-willed industrialist. He was a curious and smart self-made man and established two factories in Addis Abeba at the end of the war in Etiopia; then, just before the World War II, he set up a shoe factory.
Come back from the captivity he worked for some important industries in Lombardia making Market researches; finally, he established a textile industry in Vicenza together his brothers.
In 1961 he got in a bookshop in New York, and a particular book caught his attention: it was the Dictionary of Wines by Frank Schoonmaker. From the just beginning he was enchanted by the subjects of that work and soon he bought his first book about enology. Zaccaria was a neophyte: he started to collect books with passion, enthusiasm and curiosity.
At the end of the 60s he met the greatest experts of the field, and among them he got to know Andrè Simon who was the owner of the biggest private eno-gastronomic library existent. Simon become a point of reference for Zaccaria, a model to imitate. Simon was right the man that Zaccaria wanted to become: a refined man willing of knowledge with a great passion for collecting.


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