Appartment restored by Carlo Scarpa


In the first 60s Ettore Gallo, an important lawyer in Vicenza, buys the entire Brusarosco Palace to use it both as his office and as his home.
In 1965 he pleads on behalf of Carlo Scarpa in presence of the Judicial Authority of Venice because the architect had been accused by the Order of Architects of abuse of his profession; at the end Scarpa is completely absolved.
After that, Gallo committs the restoration of his Palace to Carlo Scarpa.
During the World War II, Brusarosco Palace had been largely damaged by bombardments, especially for the upper floor: right there Scarpa plans the place for the family to live, converting the loft into a spacious apartment.
Gallos have a great passion for Art: for this reason Scarpa plans a residence which is also a place where to exhibit their precious painting collection.
The house is a revisiting of the traditional typology of the patrician houses in Veneto: the main space is a big hall intended for the social life of the family where also the paintings are exposed, a sort of bright “square” (so Scarpa defined it), next to the other rooms which are instead less enlighted, for private life.
In the whole house there aren’t doors and the corners of the walls are round: this particulars accentuate the continuity of the spaces.
The hall is enlighted from the top, and a projecting part of the attic increases the quantity of light that gets in the apartment through the cavaedium.
Other distinguishing marks of Scarpa’s creativity are the materials: the white of the walls creates a contrast with the green of the dividing walls made of a stone called “pietra di clausetto”, while the ceiling is made of a particular kind of wooden beams.
In Scarpa’s plans the ground floor should have been another apartment, while is now used as the library archive.
Scarpa in the end plans the park, choosing the plants and studying the irregularities of the ground to insert some big fish and acquatic plants ponds: unfortunately, the plan has not been faithfully realized.


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